About Us

Since Graphite began, our goal has been to attract and retain people with a single-minded focus: to make the delivery of your project, the best possible experience.

Great company culture starts with the core values, which drive behaviour. Here are ours:

Authenticity Rules

What you see really is what you get. So if there’s a problem, we’ll let you know straight up; if something’s unclear, we’ll tell you. And if there’s a win to be celebrated, we’ll do that too.


We approach all our dealings – with fellow employees, clients, consultants, suppliers and contractors – with respect, and an intention that everyone gets a fair deal.

Look Twice

In our industry, we know things are rarely black and white. That’s why we have a practice of looking for what’s ambiguous and open to interpretation, from start to finish.

Think Laterally

We know how to manage the unexpected: adapt, think on the fly and still come up with a way to deliver your project with minimal fuss.

"The philosophy of Graphite and their client focus and high-quality project development is exceptional and has delivered an excellent space that is the envy of our profession internationally"

Dr Judy Hyde,
Director, Faculty of Science,
Clinical School of Psychology

At Graphite, our collective capabilities deliver tangible benefits to you.

Established in early 2012 on the solid foundation of 18 years of prior top-tier experience, Graphite is well-positioned to add significant value to your project.

Here are some of the many benefits we bring:

Experience = Understanding

The experience we have gained working as specialist fitout contractors for over 30 years means that whatever the challenge, there’s a good chance that we’ve dealt with it before. The benefit to you is that with this experience, we can see the grey areas in a project before they become a time-consuming and costly problem.

Track Record = Peace of Mind

Experience is one thing but nothing is more important than a track record of successfully delivering projects time and time again.. You will have peace of mind knowing you have a team on board that has worked closely with many of Sydney’s leading project managers, designers, engineers, consultants and quantity surveyors to deliver thousands of projects from small fitouts to multi-million dollar refurbishments.

Lean Structure = Exceptional Value

We operate a lean organisational structure and maintain senior management visibility of your project from commencement through to completion and beyond. Our priority is to provide you with a professional service that is delivered on time and within budget

Trusted Partners = The Right Team

We recognise that the success of every project relies on having the right team - a team that will go the extra mile to get things done and put the success of your project first. That’s why we work with a trusted network of quality sub contractors and suppliers to partner with us every step of the way saving you money in the long term.